About us

Dollar Bill Brewing is a Ballarat based brewing and blending company. We take fresh pressed fruit, honey and wort from local producers, which is then fermented and aged in French oak barrels. These barrels are then blended to create Belgian inspired ales, Ciders, Mead and barrel aged beers.

Focusing on mixed fermentation, fruit beers and wild fermented ales we aim to be Australia’s finest blendery and cellar door.

Here at Dollar Bill we have taken inspiration from the finest winemakers, brewers and artists in the world and love to create libations that intrigue. We age our beverages in specially selected ex-wine oak barrels with wild yeasts and mixed cultures of saccharomyces, brettanomyces and lactic acid bacteria. Time is essential, as the barrel aging process creates flavors that are impossible to create any other way. Finally, we add locally grown high quality fruit and hops to compliment and highlight the flavour profiles we desire.

Why Dollar Bill:

Brewing is not just science but a harmonious blend of science and art. And the name although not traditionally linked with brewing resonated with us greatly, and combines our greatest influences and interests.

When Andy Warhol was looking for a way to make his name in the New York art world in the early 1960s, he asked friends for suggestions about what to paint.

“Finally,” he said, “one lady friend asked the right question: ‘Well, what do you love most?’ That’s how I started painting money.”

On Warhol’s dollar bill fetching $32.8m

Brian Boucher, July 1, 2015