2019 Autumn Parlay

Hip Hop 2018 Autumn Parlay Dark SOUR Aromas of licorice plums prunes and blackcurrants mingle with background smoke from cherry wood malt house kilns and wood-fired hearths, gentle acidity fruit and dark malts intertwine with toasted barrel complexities. A blend of 2yr old sour ale & 6mth old barrel aged brown ale 77% Pilsner malt […]

2019 Summer Parlay

Baby, I got your money 2019 Summer Parlay Tempranillo Wild ferment Wild fermented on organic Tempranillo grapes grown in the Pyrenees.Citrus and cherries wind their way through tight lactic acidity. Light bodied and pink the perfect summer refresher. 7.0% Release date: Thurs 13-Dec-2018 18mth Barrel aged Wild Fermented Fruit Ale 67% Pilsner 33% Wheat malt […]

2018 Spring Parlay

Ante Up 2018 Spring Parlay Blueberry & Apple Sour Saison Exquisite whole blueberries from The Bunninyong Blueberry farm were soaked in our Victorian grown Granny Smith and Pink Lady apple cider and then blended with barrel fermented sour saison and mixed ferment ale. The final blend has produced a georgeous coloured farmhouse ale with gentle […]

2018 Winter Parlay

Ante Up 2018 Winter Parlay Cancelled release This limited release was the result of resting a portion of our Grand Cru MG on quartered green walnuts, taking inspiration from the italian liquor Nocino and Oud Beersel Green Walnut Lambic. This ale is still maturing and will only be released when and if it meets our […]

2018 Autumn Parlay

Juicy 2018 Autumn Parlay Cab Sauv Wild ferment Wild fermented on organic Cabernet Sauvignon whole bunch grapes from the Pyrenees, this slightly sour fruit ale sat on skins and stems for 6 months .This beer exhibits classic cab sav flavours of green pepper, tobacco and black cherries along with some tannins for a dryer mouthfeel. […]

2018 Summer Parlay

Protect Ya Neck 2019 Summer Parlay Moscato Wild ferment Wild fermented on organic White Muscat grapes grown in the Pyrenees this slightly sour fruit ale manifests itself as a very refreshing and classy beer. The nose is floral and fresh with summer fruits and the palette is loaded with ripe citrus and sweet herbs. 7.0% […]

2017 Spring Parlay

Passin’me by 2017 Spring Parlay Sour Farmhouse Ale A slightly sour, barrel fermented, farmhouse ale. Refreshing and effervescent, exhibiting notes of the Sauvignon Blanc barrels it was aged in. 7.2% Release date: Thurs 26-Oct-2017 6mth Old Barrel Fermented Farmhouse Ale 67% Pilsner 33% Wheat malt Mosaic Hops Saison Yeast Suggested track – The Pharcyde – […]

Grand Cru MG 2017

2017 Grand Cru MG Spontaneously fermented in a wild ferment vineyard using the Method Gueuze technique of unmalted grains, aged hops, coolship and spontaneous fermentation. This one off blend of 4 year old and 2 year old barrel aged ales is sour and complex, with honey and fresh strawberry on the nose. 7.1% Release date: […]

Grand Cru 2017

2017 Grand Cru A blend of 3 year old mixed fermentation and 1 year old saison, aged 4 years in chardonnay barrels. 7.1% Release date: Thurs 26-Oct-2017 70% Pilsner malt 30% Wheat Malt Saison yeast Brettanomyces Pediococcus Aged Cascade hops: grown at our own small hop field A very simple malt bill and single step […]

Smith & Cripps Farmhouse Cider 2017

2017 SMITH & CRIPPS FARMHOUSE CIDER Our 2017 apple season vintage blend This years blend of Granny Smiths, Cripps Pink Lady and Fuji apples and Packham pears has produced a softer more refined cider with refreshing acidity and full mouthfeel. Hand picked fruit portions, specially selected barrels and modified dry hopping regime utilising late primary […]