Currently On Tap

Check out the current range of Dollar Bill Beers and Ciders on tap below

1. Grand Cru 2018– 7.1%

A blend of 2 year old mixed fermentation and, barrel aged saisons fermented in pinot noir and chardonnay barrels aged in refurbished oak
  • 70% Pilsner malt
  • 30% Wheat Malt
  • Saison yeast
  • Brettanomyces
  • Pediococcus
  • Aged Cascade hops: grown at our own small hop field
  • And Mosaic hop pellets
A very simple malt bill and single step infusion mash have resulted in a very balanced easy drinking, lambic style beer. Blended with a focus more on balanced acidity and brettanomyces aromas. This Sour beer is slightly acidic funky and complex with notes of vanilla and oak.

2. Ballafornia Blend  –  7.1%ABV

A blend of 2 yr old barrel aged saisons and 6month old wild barrel fermented ales aged in pinot noir and chardonnay  barrels

  • 70% Pilsner malt
  • 30% Wheat Malt
  • Saison yeast
  • Mosaic hop pellets 19 IBU

Blended with a focus on clean acidity and complex French oak barrel notes. Sour and slightly funky.

3. Dogue De Bordeaux – No longer available

Wild fermented on organic whole bunch Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, Malbec and Merlot from the Pyrenees  6months removed from skins and aged in French oak a further 16 months

  • 70% Pilsner malt
  • 30% Wheat Malt
  • Mosaic hop pellets 19 IBU

Very woofy aromas lead into expressive fruit and a light tannin profile slightly sour funky & complex

4. Kriek 7.2%

Our 2018 sour blend rested on 250g/l freshly picked de-stemmed Morello cherries from the Mornington Peninsula for 3 weeks & blended with a portion of our 2018 Grand Cru
  • 70% pilsner malt
  • 30% wheat malt
  • Mosaic and Cascade hops
A combination of sour ale and fresh tart cherries leads to an intensely refreshing kriek style beer. The intense colour is due to unoxidised cherry pigments in highly acidic sour beer. Cherry red, sour, complex and a little bit funky.

5. P.O.B. 7.2%

Peaches on Ballafornia. Our 2018 sour blend rested on fresh picked and quartered yellow clingstone peaches
  • 70% pilsner malt
  • 30% wheat malt
  • Mosaic hops
A combination of sour ale and peaches produces a delightfully floral stone fruit sour. Pouring like liquid sunshine this golden coloured ale embodies the flavours of summer in ripe orchards and long grass.

6. The Mayor – Oud Bruin  7.8%

A blend of 2yr old sour ale & 6mth old barrel aged brown ale
  • 77% Pilsner malt
  • 10% crystal malt
  • 12% roasted malts
  • .1% cherry smoked malts
  • Styrian Wolf hops
Aromas of licorice plums prunes and blackcurrents mingle with background smoke from cherry wood malt house kilns and woodfired hearths, gentle acidity fruit and dark malts intertwine with toasted barrel complexities some alcohol heat and a light body.

7. Smith & Cripps cider 6.8%

Wild fermented from Australian grown Cripps pink lady apples, Granny Smith apples, Packham pears and new world hops. Dry and acidic, aromas of apple orchards & dank barrel rooms mix with fresh apple on the palate and residual sweetness from the pear addition, refreshing and effervescent.

8. Strawberry & lime Cider 6.9%

Smith & Cripps rested on fresh strawberries & lime zest for two weeks. Fresh cut strawberry aromas blend gently with floral lime notes and cellared apples 

9. Blush Cider  6.8% – No Longer Available

12mth old Wild ferment from Vic & Tas Fuji apples & Granny Smiths, rested on Sour Morello cherry skins from Mornington Peninsula fresh and slightly tart

10.Winter Parlay 7% TBA

  • 70% pilsner malt
  • 30% wheat malt
  • Mosaic hops, turnera diffusa, tilia, elderflower, cypress
Sour wild fermented ale infused with select botanicals cypress, damiana, limeflower and elderflower, sour and herbaceous. Perfect for fireside sipping and cold winter days.